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2023 Review

Disclaimer: I read 48 books in 2023 so these are just the ones I can currently remember off the top of my head as I’m writing this. These are not in any particular order though I do have some clear favorites.

  1. Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. GIRL, these books were SO GOOD. Spice, dragons, romance, action, betrayal, drama, murder, EVERYTHING. I LOVED these books. Fourth Wing is much faster paced and really introduces you to the brutality and intensity of the world. Iron Flame is much more political and slower, but both books have their own attractions so I definitely recommend them. This unfinished series follows Violet as she is forced to enroll in the infamous dragon rider school where the majority of students don’t survive. Her commander is the rebel leader’s son who killed her brother and her mother killed his father. I don’t know if that makes sense but it does make for a good bit of drama. 

  2. The Cruel Prince Series. I reread the first two books and finished the trilogy this year. When I was reading the third book I was literally thinking “when did this happen???”, but in a good way because the changing relationships between the characters and the changing of their circumstances made sense but were also kind of jarring considering where they came from. This trilogy follows Jude and Cardan as they slowly come from hating and betraying each other to them sacrificing the world to save each other. The hatred in the beginning is intense, but it’s all worth it once you get to the last book.

  3. The Seven Realms Series. I reread this young adult series for the nostalgia to be perfectly honest. This was my Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. This series follows Raisa who is the princess heir to the kingdom of the Fells and Hans who is struggling to provide for his mother and little sister. Raisa is forced to go into hiding and there she meets Han and sparks fly. This is surprisingly dark for a YA series so just keep that in mind if you ever read it but I LOVE this series and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for YA, magic, wizardry, romance etc. 

  4. The Kinds Of Sin Series. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the three books of this series so far and absolutely LOVED them . This series follows a bunch of couples in the same social circle where every man has problems relating to their sin. This is a spicy, billionaire, romance series that I definitely recommend if you’re looking for something not too deep, but romantic and spicy.

  5. This Woven Kingdom. Okay… when I tell you I loved LOVED this book, I mean it. I read this book in about 6 hours and it was EVERYTHING TO ME. It had me giggling, kicking my feet, screaming (in my head because I was on a plane when I read it lol), and literally had me in a chokehold (not literally this book isn’t spicy at all). It follows Alizeh who is a Jinn in a world where JInn and humans have been fighting for eons and only recently made peace with accords that make Jinn below humans in their country. It's a dual POV with Kamran who is the prince of the country. Kamran sees Alizeh almost be robbed when she fends off her attacker easily and can’t get her out of his head. I started the next book and it’s not as good so far, but I’m hoping it gets better. 

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