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Break Me (If You Can #1) Review

Rating: 8.5/10

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For People Who Like: Romance, bounty hunters, spies, strong independent women, feel-good books


I am Xander Anthony Davis, otherwise known as Mr. X. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a badass. Working as a law enforcer in my brother’s bounty hunting company, I’ve seen it and done it all, and I’m still not sick of the rush this work gives me. In addition to that, my raw good looks, a killer smile, and a dangerous vibe are a true lady-magnet. So you could say I have a damn good life. Or I did, until she burst into my life, with her smart mouth, grey eyes, and serious gun skills. I always thought I couldn’t get attached to any woman, that I wasn’t made that way. Boy, was I wrong. She turned my world upside down, and I knew the moment I met her she was going to be the death of me.

I am Chastity Melody Rain, but you can call me Chas. My nickname has always been the source of many confusions, but the biggest one ever was life-changing even for me. Coming back to New York City, I was in search of a new job. I’m a trained bounty hunter and a private investigator, who always has to prove her worth in the field run by men. I’m used to being undermined, and my biggest satisfaction is proving them wrong. I took that satisfaction to unprecedented levels when I decided Xander Davis needs to be taught a lesson. There was no way in hell I would fall for such a frustrating, misogynistic, controlling man, despite how hot he looked in those tight, black shirts he wore. Boy, was I wrong. He turned my world upside down, and I knew the moment I met him he was going to be the death of me.


This book is ADORABLE and FUNNY and just an all around feel good book. When I looked at the synopsis for this book, I thought “Oh, this is just gonna be a cheesy rom-com about bounty hunters" and I was COMPLETELY right. Thank you Alexis Leia for sending me this book to review.


It starts off with an introduction to Xander (Mr. X) [I don’t think this nickname was necessary and I would’ve preferred the book without because it didn’t add anything to the plot] which is mostly in first person & second person-past point of view which uses phrases like “but I was going to find out how wrong I was'' and “before you say…” [these are no exact quotes, I’m just making a point] if you don’t like that kind of narration, the beginning of this book will be a little more challenging for you to read. I didn’t like it at first because it was so frequent in the beginning, but near the end of the introduction I started to appreciate it more. This narration was pretty much only in the beginning of the book and by the time Chas- wait, sorry, I forgot to mention the inner monologues. Those happen quite a bit in this book. They felt like they were trying to be funny, but weren’t completely succeeding. It did give us some background into the characters so that was nice. By inner monologues, I do mean when Xander is using the second person POV.

The humor in this book was *chef’s kiss* (besides the second person monologues) the one liners, snarky comments and phrases with double meanings are so hilariously cheesy. I mean these were phrases that no one would ever say in real life, but they were entertaining nonetheless.

The romance in this book was pretty predictable, but entertaining nonetheless. Classic professional enemies to lovers story, which if you were looking for something different and unique, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book. That being said, the friends/sidekicks/family were adorable and tough and caring and many more adjectives I can’t remember at the top of my head right now. And Chas’s sister (can’t remember her name right now) is the strong, independent, responsible, perfectly imperfect etc. character every single book needs regardless of genre. I absolutely loved her.

I can’t remember a lot of other details about the book because I started this review right after I finished it and then stopped it like the dumb person I am and I am now trying to wrap it up around 3 months later *rolling eyes emoji*. I do really recommend this book as a nice, predictable, cheesy romance if you’re trying to recover from a really traumatic and intense book.

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