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Cruel Prince Series

Rating: 10/10

Books Like This: A Court of Thorns and Roses, Iron Fae

For People Who Like: Romance, Fantasy, Fae, Betrayal

Hello everyone,

This is more of an update post to get back into posting things on the site more than an actual book review. I've recently been getting out of my book slump and have been expanding "the brand" to other platforms. I actually read the first two books of this series years and years ago and recently bought all three in the trilogy to reread. I really love this series because you see Cardan and Jude fall in love. This is one of the purest and most intense enemies to lovers stories. I love how I went from waiting in anticipation for their next jabs to each other in the first book to the betrayal and hurt in the second book to fighting for their love in the third. It kind of hits you in the face, but you can also pinpoint specific instances where you see their connection deepening. The world is so well thought out and the plot is so detailed and meticulous. It is such a good read and I recommend it for anyone interested in a good, enemies to lovers, fae romance.

Talk to you soon,


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