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Summer's End Review

Rating: 8/10

Books Like This: The Fallen Series, The Halo Series

For People Who Like: Action, Betrayal, Romance, Paranormal/Supernatural, Angels


She wakes up in hospital, badly burned with no memory.

He’s been trained to kill her before she burns the world to ashes.

When they finally meet, will he be able to take her life now that he’s started to feel for her?

His fate is already written.

The prophecy is already set…

Love between them is forbidden.


I have recently set up a goodreads account and I was asked to review this book for the author. The synopsis really got my attention and I really wanted to read this book so here is my review.


Rating: 4/5

So, this book was SO ADDICTING. I couldn’t put it down most of the time. Overall, I really loved this book so I decided to make a chart of my likes and dislikes.


- I LOVED the “soul mate” aspect of this book cause I am a sucker for predestined love stories.

- I loved the descriptions of the characters, especially when it came to eye color.

- I liked the whole fire superpowers thing.

- So, a couple of times in the book the characters broke the fourth wall and spoke directly to the reader. Now I liked this and they didn’t do it that often so it didn’t really take away from the story. But, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t like that and think it distracts you from the plot.

I also liked the dual POVs (point of views). I feel like in these kinds of books, we see more personality of the love interest when they are speaking from their POV.

- The cliffhanger at the end was also really nice. And the fact that in the next book their roles are kind of reversed is also a good plot twist.

- I also loved how the book was about them finding out about themselves apart, but also finding a way together and she acknowledges that she can be her own person without him, but he makes her feel complete.

- When I first started the book I kept thinking that Summer didn’t really have that much personality, but I love how after she gets her memories back we see so much more of her and that she’s stubborn and independent and smart.

- I also really liked Kit’s and Andie’s characters. I thought they were really straight forward, their motivations were clear most of the time. (Though I was expecting Andie to be “special” too, it was a pleasant surprise when she wasn’t.)

- I also really liked Tyler (as a character, not as a person), I liked that Summer wasn’t at all attracted to him and that he was a catalyst for some of Summer‘s and Alex’s first interactions.


- This book is exactly like The Fallen Series. In both stories, the main characters are soulmates/destined to be together, they are constantly being “rewritten” so that their memories are erased and have similar plots (just to name a few).

- It was pretty predictable at times. I mean there was the scene where Summer and Andie go to a tattoo parlor and Andie says that a design for an angel tattoo looks like Summer. That was a little too much.

- Coral and Persia shared way too many suspicious glances. I mean it sounded like they were glancing at each other on every other page in the beginning.

- I also didn’t like the fact that their names stayed the same in every life. I mean Why is that an important detail? (If that’s going to be important later, you might want to hint at it in the book.)

- Alex’s backstory was also really weird to me. When he’s first explaining everything about his role and “The Light” it sounded like the explanation was trying to be detailed while also trying to be vague at the same time. And, Alex kind of glances over when his sister betrays him. I would’ve liked to see more emotion with that. All we get is some loathing in his head and some (kind of) harsh comments.

- And, the whole “The Light” thing didn’t really sound right when I was reading. I mean I get why they call her that, I just think she needs a nickname or something because “The Light” or “her” got old fast.

- *spoilers* The betrayal was eh, I’m pretty sure Coral had some distracted looks or something, but I don’t remember reading anything that hinted at the actual betrayal. That being said, I also didn’t really care that much because What did Coral’s betrayal really do but hurt their feelings?

I also kind of wished we got more of Summer and Alex in their everyday lives. Like, it would’ve been nice to see them go to classes together.

These were just some of the things that I noticed that I wanted to point out. My likes are mostly a lot more “big” in terms of they mostly encompass the whole book while my dislikes are minor details (mostly). So, that's why I gave the book a ⅘. Thank you for sending me this book to review!

Congratulations Kristy Brown and I wish you luck on all of your future endeavors.

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