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The Broken Lake Invitation Review

Rating: 8.5/10

Books Like This: Twilight, Crescent City Series

For People Who Like: strong independent women, werewolves, supernatural, romance, action, competition


“Where can you send out a message asking for a leader to come and help out an entire town of female werewolves and actually get an answer?”

A year ago the females of the Broken Lake Were Pack took on the abusive Packmaster and won. Now they are ready to choose a new Packmaster.

As the males gather to fight for the right to lead Broken Lake, the Bitch Pack must judge every contender on his ability to keep the Pack safe both as a Were and as a human. They have survived too much to allow just any Were to take over.

Jaya, sworn guardian of the Pack has more to lose than most, her right to remain in the Pack will be decided by the new Packmaster. If the wrong male wins, she may be forced to leave. Worse, if the right one wins, it may just break her heart.

Packmasters, we offer an invitation to Broken Lake.


So…..y’all are gonna have to be patient with me because I read this book months ago and never wrote a review on it. For this I am so SO entirely sorry. I could go back and re-read some or all of the book, but...I probably won’t do that. So this review is based solely on details I remember months later so...yeah….let’s do this. Also, thank you S. MacAndrew for sending me this book to review.


This book was really very good. I mean the world building is extraordinary. I mean the author really made an entire world where werewolves are living in secret and there are other supernatural creatures. I do wish that there was some background with the werewolves and other aforementioned supernaturals, but eh *shoulder shrug*, it’s not all that necessary. It would’ve just made the “big surprise” more impactful.

I also really loved the main plot of the book, that there was a male alpha that abused his power and who tormented his subjects and the women took the situation into their own hands and took down the alpha with the help of an outsider and were now looking for a new alpha of the pack. The MC (main character) (sorry, can’t remember his name right now) couldn’t stay with his own pack because he was the alpha’s brother and some of the wolves in the pack wanted him to take over so they could have more power. It was getting so bad that he had to leave and find a new pack to join. I just loved that the main plot of this book is based on the strength and determination of the females of the pack.

There weren’t a lot of plot twists in this book. There were 2 that were kinda noteworthy/I remember, but - ya know - I can’t tell y’all in case you haven’t read the book yet, but just know that it’s kind of underwhelming because there is no real background that was introduced to make the secret more shocking. If there was a war or something like that as a background/setting, then it might’ve been more surprising.

The love in this book y’all , I’m not overexaggerating, is just perfectly human and realistic and they are just perfect together. They make such a good team. I mean, they are the definition of relationship goals. I can't even articulate how well they work together as a team and I absolutely loved it. Now, I am a COMPLETE SUCKER for any kind of mating bond, and this book had it. That gave the romance even more points in my book.

Overall, this book is a good, calm, supernatural romance. And - wow - I remembered more about this than I thought I would. I guess that shows how much I enjoyed it *wink wink*. But, y’all should really go read it if you want a good, light-hearted, predictable read.

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